New Subscription Rates & Terms for iMotionVideo Discount Membership

Starting January 1st, 2022, all membership subscription dues will be $100 per month.
For some members, this may be a rate increase.  To others, it will be a rate decrease.  Now, all members will be charged the same $100 fee to remain a member.

The Video Submission Portal Is Now Obsolete & Closed,

The members area to submit video request is no longer in use.  All new video production requests must be sent via email to moving forward.

You will supply your written script and attach any specific images that you want with your video just as you did with the submission portal.

New Benefits Added To Your Membership

  1.  Each billing cycle you accrue 1 video credit.
  2.  You may accrue up to a maximum of 12 video credits before they expire.
  3.  A maximum of 3 video credits may be used for a single video production request before additional charges are required.
  4. No more fees for white label videos (iMotion Video brand removal).  The old system charged $100 per video for this feature.
  5. The video submission portal is no longer in use.  All video production requests must be sent via email to – Simply email your script in an email and attach any specific images you would like to be included in your video as an attachment or a link inside the email request.

NOTE:  If you ever need to know how many credits you have accumulated and have available to you, simply email

Video Credit Definition

A video script credit may have up to 160 words before an additional credit is needed.  Example:  161 words = 2 video credits.

1-160 words = 1 video credit

161-320 words = 2 video credits

321-480 words = 3 video credits…etc[/text_block]

Purchase Additional Video Credits

Additional video credits = $200 per credit

Should you need additional video credits, you may request additional credits by sending an email to – – We will send you an invoice.  Purchased credits expire 1 year (365 days) after purchase if unused.[/text_block]

Professional Voiceover

Your video will include a professional voice actor to read your script.  The choice of male or female voice is no longer an option.  The voiceover you receive may be a male or a female of our choice.  If you would like to provide a specific voiceover for your script, you may supply an mp3 or WAV recording when you email your video request.

When You Should Purchase Additional Video Credits

  1. If your script exceeds the max length of 3 video credits, you may used purchased video credits for longer videos.
  2. If you don’t have enough accrued credits for your script length, you may use purchased video credits.

Membership Cancellation:

To cancel your billing, simply send an email request to  Request that all future billing to cease and we will cancel your membership immediately and you will no longer be charged.