YouTube Video Ads Crash Course

At iMotion Video, we're pretty busy on the video production side of things. With some puffery and a little bias, I think we do a really good job putting the videos together from just a written script. Hopefully, you do to 🙂


I see a lot of our clients struggling with "what to do" with the videos.
How do I get more traffic to my site with video?
How do I convert more people?
How do I get more people to opt-in to my list?

The obvious answer is to get more eyeballs on your video. Right?

And if you really want to get more eyeballs on your videos (whether we make them or not), the fastest - cheapest - easiest way to get your message in front of prospects (real prospects) is through YouTube Video Ads.

Facebook is great too but this crash course is focused on YouTube. And if you know the in-and-out's of the platform, these video ads can be HIGHLY targeted and dirt cheap.

This is why I'm recommending that you check out Video Ads Crash Course from Justin Sardi. It's pretty much an 8 step checklist (with explanation) on how to run successful videos ads on YouTube through Google Adwords.

The modules can be consumed and understood in an afternoon. I went through the course yesterday and will be reviewing it again later today.

Video Ads Crash Course

Module 1 - The Video Ads Big Picture

Module 2 - Youtube Setup and Optimization

Module 3 - Video Ad Types (When to use each type)

Module 4 - Adwords for Video Tour

Module 5 - Targeting Options
(most important)

Module 6 - Setting Up Your Campaigns The Right Way

Module 7 - Video Ads Retargeting

Module 8 - Reporting (How to measure the effectiveness of your ads)

Once you get the concepts of these 8 steps, you'll have a good foundation for having promotional videos work for you by 10x or more than through SEO or natural rankings.

I've gone through the course myself and can vouch for the quality of the information.

You can pick up the course here for just a few bucks:

Video Ads Crash Course

Affiliate Disclaimer:  iMotion Video has an affiliate relationship with Justin Sardini.  If you purchase his course by clicking the link to his site on this page, we will earn a referral commission.  You should use your own judgement and not rely on our recommendation alone in any purchase decision.

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