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Great Customer Service

As all the other testimonials talk about, the videos have been fantastic. They make me look like I knew what I was doing, which is a good trick!

But also, I wanted to mention the great customer service and integrity. I had one video with a very small error in the reading of the script. And I just had a small billing date discrepancy. All fixed instantly with absolutely no hassle. That's really important.

The voice over work is excellent!

I just downloaded my second iMotion produced video and I was very impressed with the way the video was produced, the selection of music, the backgrounds that were added and especially the male voice over work. The first video was a female voice over it was also done extremely well. I look forward to promoting videos more to local clients! Thanks Jason & Dan.

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Just what we needed!

We wanted a quality video to launch our 'Froggy Tots' Digital Baby Thermometer via our website at

We most certainly got a great video and I have to say that Jason and his iMotion Team, did a superb job (as you'll see if you visit our site) 🙂

Top Notch

Just got my very first video and I'm so impressed with the work. It doesn't even need any tweaking. My video marketing will allow me to compete with bigger brokerages and makes me look as professional as I've always known I am. Now everyone else knows it too!. This was my logo reveal. Tons of plans for it. I am really looking forward to the next video you guys create for me.

You guys rock!

"I have uploaded the testimonial to youtube for you. Thanks


Thanks for the great work!

"I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU ! to the iMotion Team. I'm French and my english is not too good. I gave only few lines about what I wanted as an opt-in video and images. They created a script for me and the final result is just amazing. I love it.


Wow! : )

Ok, I was very hesitant to look at this video. It took a while to put this together and did not have enough images, was not sure of the script but you guys pulled it off and it is amazing! I am going to show the video to the client for any changes and I do believe this is the first of many more videos!!! Thank you!

Robert Chambers
Exceeded my expectations

I have nothing but positive things to say about Jason and his iMotion Team. They have been able to capture and produce the kind of music education video ads that exceeds my expectations. Every month I look forward to them bringing my ideas to life. Thanks!

Love it!

I was so nervous about the first video but it has exceeded all my expectations. I am so happy!

Laura Rubinstein
Worth the effort to get a really nice video.

The iMotion Video service is about taking your well thought out script and concepts and putting them together in a professional looking and sounding video. The iMotion team works their video magic and makes it come to life. Nice job iMotion. Truly a collaborative effort.

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Knocked my socks off!

OK, Jason & team did it again! I absolutely adore the latest video they created for me. They nailed it! Working with iMotion Video is so easy. I give them a script and very little guidance in the form of tips and they come back with something that is just perfect. Thank you AGAIN. Five Stars!

Cindy McMahen
Great Job - Again!

It's great having a company that I can count on for professional video production - not just for myself but in referring clients too. Thanks for the great job you did (again!).

Rodney Grubbs
Never Anything But Thrilled

I am a charter Imotion client so they have done many videos for us. We've never been anything but thrilled with their results. Thanks Jason!

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I am so blown away by how professional, fast and easy to work with this team is. We've NEVER looked this good, and it was so easy!

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These guys get it!

Great support--and I need it--and an end product better than I imagined! The team that helped me put the video together definitely gets it. I confess, I started a little apprehensive, but going forward with confidence.

Top Notch

I loved the creativity that was put into this video, it was the best one yet. Thank you for your professional touch you put into all of our videos.

Lesley Komlos

We have been using iMotion Video for our clients for several months now. We love it. The process is easy, the videos are excellent and our clients are really happy with them. I highly recommend iMotionVideo.

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Very Happy with my 1st Video!

"Hey guys, Great job since this is my first video I know I will get better with giving you a better script and images as time goes on. I believe this service will be very helpful when promoting my business. Thanks again for the great job!"

I am very impressed!

"You guys really know your stuff, real professionals. My client will probably have a revision or two, and we will need to substitute a screenshot of the actual website when it's up in a week or so but I understand this will be updated at your normal fees, not a problem. Thank you,

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Great product, great service!

The video came out really nice and exceed my expectation! Jason and his team did a great job! Thanks!

Louise Denny
iMotion Just Got It Right

After having approached a couple of other video production companies and getting nowhere, finding out about iMotion was a relief. The team understood our brief and what we were attempting to achieve. We’ve used iMotion a number of times now for different websites that we have, and we will certainly be using them again for future requirements.



Louise Denny | Head of Marketing
MTD Training

Randy Walden
Great job again, and again!!!
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Nailed it!

As always, you nailed it!

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Thanks so much; Your recent video for and elk lighting was outstanding.

I have now had two videos created. Both exceeded my expectations. The quality is exceptional and the process is simple. This service should be part of every businesses resource center.

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What a Fabulous Job IMotion did! This was my first video they created and it is perfect! Cant wait to see what the future holds. Bravo IMotion! Second to None!

Andrew Darlow
Outstanding Video!

I'm very impressed by the quality of my iMotion video, from the logo treatment to the voiceover, to the way in which the script was presented. Thanks!

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Great, No-Fuss Videos

Jason and the team have consistently provided us with high quality videos for us and our clients. The support is always fast and efficient. We've been very happy and highly recommend this service.

Michael Forster

Had an idea for a logo reveal, and iMotion made it look exactly like what I had in my head. They seem like mind readers !!!!

Martin Pytela
Dozens of videos

I have used iMotion videos on my website for years - the quality is consistent, and the creativity is great. They help me make the business look credible and relevant.


I just finished my 3rd video with Imotion and I am a very happy customer with their quality of service and production. I would highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a cost efficient way to make videos that looks like you have spend thousands of dollars. Congrats Imotion, will definitely continue to make more videos.

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The work that is produced by the team at iMotion video is absolutely incredible. They win, over and over and over again. We just reviewed two more videos and they are outstanding! We've gone from home grown patchwork video production to professional-grade animations/typography and on screen talent and voice over that catapults us into a different game. I can't thank you enough for finding your way into our world! Life will never be same!

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Amazing work and service!

I've done three videos so far and couldn't be more pleased! Each turned out better than expected, and was delivered faster than I expected. I love how you can help customize the videos by uploading images at various stages throughout the script. The team did an excellent job adding their own touch to each video. Top notch organization!

Rob Toth
Creative, Effective and Quick ... very professional experience

"I mentioned to the team at iMotionVideo that I *might* need a video. Jason contacted me on Skype and told me what info they'd need. I explained my needs in a 4 minute call and scripted the content in 6 minutes. Less than 10 minutes of my time usually produces unusable results with many service provider companies...

Not with iMotionVideo. My involvement was 10 minutes but they "understood" what I wanted better than I did.

The end result was very creatively put together, attractive, professional, effective.

GREAT experience and highly recommended. "

Marv Reeves
Amazing Quality!

Wow! I'm amazed at the quality of the first two videos your team created with so little input from me. You flat-out offer the best value in video production in America.

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She loved it!

My client couldn't wait to tell me how please she was with the video you produced. I made sure to tell her I had help from professionals. From the quality voice talent to the integration of all the provided materials, you made both of us look like a million bucks!

I'm blown away!

"This is our 4th video with iMotion Video and I have nothing but compliments for Jason Anderson and his team. You amazed us from the get go and even stepped it up a notch with this 4th video!

I highly recommend iMotion Video to everyone who wants their message represented in a professional way. iMotion Video exceeds our highest expectations!"

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Amazed each time!

Each time I watch the completed video I am amazed at how you take my script and make it look amazing. Thank you!

Armando Sanchez
Very pleased. Great job.

OMG! They hit it out of the park. Exactly what I asked for and more. I watched my video 100 times. I'm, Sooooooo excited!

Best Video yet!

We have been using iMotion Video for over a year now and this last one we asked them to make on how to use our website was great! We hope this will increase our on line purchases and answer questions people seem to always call about even though the directions are already printed clearly on each order page.

Charles Reins
Top Value!

I've been a member for almost 3 years now.

Just downloaded and viewed my latest "free" video.

I was concerned about the abstract aspect of my submission and absence of images, but I submitted in trust of your expertise. I'm just amazed, (again) in the high level of skill in how you visualized my message. This is an outstanding service and value.

Coach Reins

Impressed !

"I was really pleased with the quality, sound effects, background music, images and footage! I believe I received way more value than I paid. That's what I call...OVER-DELIVERING! Thanks...I'm impressed! "

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Good job and fast turnaround on the rush order.

We wanted this video for a trade show that starts on Thursday. We ordered it last Friday evening and we have it with time to spare. Thank you.

Gavin Lipschitz
Superb as always!!

I always look forward to receiving a new video - always different, but consistent. Perfect.

LeMont T Silver Sr

I just downloaded my newest video from you good folks. You guys are absolutely KICK BUTT!

Saying that I loved it is a gross understatement!

Mark Orr
Always a GREAT JOB!

I've been a monthly subscriber for a few years now and can honestly say that the work that iMotion Video does is superb!

Only once did I have a complaint which was immediately addressed and the revised video was one of their best efforts. Looking forward to dozens more awesome videos!