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    NO CHARGE Custom Videos Each Month

    Your first video request EACH MONTH is - - FREE - -. By far, our most popular perk among our members. ** Graphics, royalty-free background music, and professional voiceover included. **

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    Predictable - No Quote Needed - Flat Rate For Additional Videos!

    Your first 60 second video (every month) is always a freebie, and if you need more, it's only $100 per video per minute. As a member of our Video Production Club you get flat rate pricing AND access to one freebie per month.

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    No Contracts

    Remain a member only as long as you need us. Self-cancel anytime right inside your member's area.

Monthly Membership Access:  $79.
Details And Sample Videos Below.

Here's how the Video Production Club Works...

It's really simple.

Just give us your written video script for our voice actors to voice, and we'll handle the rest.

That's pretty much it.

Whenever you put in a video production request, we'll check to see if you submitted a video that month already.

If you didn't, we won't charge you for the video.

If you did, then we'll charge you the special discounted member rate of $100 per video per minute.

We'll take your video script, get it professionally voiced, then we'll add our motion graphics to tell the story and deliver your video to you when we're done.

Those are just some of the reasons HUNDREDS of other members have joined.

But, in my opinion, the TOP reason you should hire anyone (not just us) is because of the quality of creative craftsmanship and experienced editing you'll get in each and every video.

So, let's look at how our member's area works ... then look at some of the results of what other members have submitted.

You'll soon realize if our Video Production Club Membership is for you or not.

Here's How To Use Our Members Area


Now, Let's Look At Actual Results.


Unsolicited Club Member Comment

In our private FB group, we regularly get comments just like this one posted on June 6th, 2017.

Check out the video below to see the video we just delivered to her.  We created this from just a written script and nothing else... submitted through our members area.

Cost to her:  $0.00.  It was her first video request of the month.


We have tons of additional examples too.

In fact...

Here are 200+ video samples of actual videos we've made for our production club members (hope that's enough ;-):


Note:  On-Screen Actors are no longer available.  However, we can edit a greenscreen recording that you you provide and pepper in our motion graphics like the examples below.  Record your own or hire someone and send us the footage for editing.


Our Video Production Club videos include:

  • Custom Crafted Motion Graphics
  • Complimentary Male or Female Professional Voiceover (You Choose)
  • Royalty-Free background music mastered to your video to suit the mood
  • Optional On-Screen Actors
  • No Need To Supply ANY Images - We Handle It ALL
  • White Label Option So You Can Sell As Your Own Production
  • And....8000 Plus Video Production Experience...

Of course, we've made a LOT more videos than the examples you see above.

Since 2009, I've produced over 8,000 individual videos with my Orlando based, in-house video editing team.

So you're not dealing with a shot in the dark here.

And since you supply the written script, there should be no fear whether we can make a video for your business niche.  With 8,000+ videos under our belt, I'm willing to bet we've already made a video for someone in your industry already.

You write the script and we make the video around that.  It can't get any simpler.

Plus, since we offer free revisions on your video for up to 30 days after we make it, there's zero chance that you won't like what we make for you.  **Please see our revision policy in the FAQ section near the bottom of this page.

And, to help you make your decision, we pledge that if you're unhappy with the quality that we produce for you as a Video Production Club Member, just let us within the first 30 days of signing up and we'll immediately refund every cent.

I want you to feel confident signing up for this service, so I'll take all the risk.

If you're looking for some promotional videos for your business, the iMotion Video - Video Production Club - should be a part of your team.

You should know that iMotion Video is NOT the end all with video though...

The video landscape is changing fast.  Especially with Facebook LIVE and social media.  An animated promotional video isn't always going to be the best type of video for your audience.  Sometimes just a down-n-dirty simple iPhone video will do (especially when you posting to social media)...

But for all the times you need a little more polished video, an explainer video, an opt-in video for your websites and offers, etc, then THAT is when you'll want to use this membership.

Mix up your video strategy.  We've got your back on the animated, motion graphic side of things.

Just take a look at what other members are saying about us.

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Try Our Video Production Club For 30 Days Risk Free!

Signing up for a new service that sounds REALLY good but proves to be disappointing is not fun.  So, if you're unhappy with the service for any reason at all during your first 30 days, just let us know and we'll process a refund.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Custom Videos May I Request Each Month? +

You may order an unlimited amount of videos at the discount price in any given month.

Your membership entitles you to ONE “complimentary” custom video submission per billing cycle.

As a member, you may submit an unlimited amount of video production requests  for only $100 per video per minute.

Outside the membership, we start $695 plus $200 per minute.

Do I get revisions? +

Visual Changes:  Yes, if it's within 30 days of being delivered.

Voiceover or script changes:  No.

Are The Videos Watermarked With iMotion Video? +

No, but all the videos we produce have a credit at the very end which says “Created by iMotion Video”. We realize that some of our members use us as a private label so they can resell these video productions (as their own) to their clients…so…we do have an option for you to remove our branding when submitting your video production. The fee to remove our branding is $100 per video production.

Can My Video Be Used As A Television Commercial +

Yes but there is an additional cost.  Our videos are licensed for internet or in-store/trade show use only.  If you want to use your video as a television commercial, we need to negotiate a license fee with the actor/voice actor for approval to use on air.

This is NOT a profit center for iMotion Video.  Typically, we’ll negotiate a “buy out” with the actor.  Fees generally start at $500 and go up based on audience size.  Regional and National spots cost more than local television spots.

If you provide the voice over….. there are no restrictions from iMotion Video. You may use the video on television if one of our actors is not utilized.  If, however, you use our voice or on-screen talent, an additional fee will almost always be assessed.

Can I Provide My Own Voice Over? +

Absolutely.  If you would prefer to voice your own videos, you simply upload your MP3 or WAV file along with your written script and you’ll be the star of your own video.  We’ll even edit the file to clean it up…. That means you can send us a raw recording, along with all your mistakes, and we’ll take out the do overs, breaths, and bloopers.  Just be sure to give us ONE single audio file along with the written script.  You’ll be good to go!

Also, if you have a voice talent that you like to work with, you can have them voice it and we'll use them.

There is no price reduction if you supply your own audio.

What Actor Will I Get In My Video? +

All our videos come with FREE professional voiceover.

You may select whether you want a male or a female actor.  We contract with various actors and the voice may vary.

You may supply your own voice-over if you have a specific voice in mind.  If you want to select a specific voice talent, we recommend (no affiliation)


How long can my custom video be? +

Our member pricing covers a full 15-60 second time slot (15 seconds to 1 full minute) for your commercial/presentation. Additional production minutes are billed at $100 per minute. You will be given the option of purchasing additional minutes when you submit your video request in the private member area. Our submission area measures your script as you type or copy and paste it in. You’ll never be surprised with additional minute charges.  The submission form will tell you how long your video is based on your written script and alert you to the final price before final submission.

How long it takes to create my video? +

Guaranteed delivery is 14 days or less. The “typical” turn-around time is right around 7-10 days…but please allow 14 days after you submit your request.

I need my video QUICK!! Do you offer express service? +

Yes. If you have an emergency order and need your video quick, we offer a 3 business day “drop everything” service. The express service fee is $100 per video. You will be given the opportunity to select the rush service every time you submit your production request within the members area. This service is purely optional.

Are There Any Additional Costs +

A standard “voice over” or “logo reveal” video is only $100 inside the membership.  It includes up to the first 60 seconds of finished video production.

Here is a list of things that are optional but will cost more when you submit a video:

  • Additional Minutes:  $100 per minute
  • Rush Delivery:  $100 (3 business days)
  • iMotion Brand Removal From End Of Video (White Label):  $100 per video
Can I Sell These Videos To My Clients? +

Yes!  Many people do.  If you’re an agency or a local marketing consultant, feel free to have us produce videos for your end clients.  You can charge whatever you want and keep 100% of the profit!

It’s highly recommended that you select the unbranded “white label” option when ordering your video.  If you don’t your videos will be branded with “Created by iMotion Video” at the end.  You probably wouldn’t want that.

Jason Anderson

~ Founder - iMotion Video

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