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Here's How You Can Slash Your Video Production Costs By 85% With The Discount Video Production Club

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Here's How It Works...

Outside the Discount Video Production Club,
our video production pricing starts at $695.

But, as a member, you’ll have access to an unlimited number of:
100% CUSTOM crafted,
motion graphic,
promotional videos
WITH professional voiceover
and royalty-free background music
starting at a deeply discounted wholesale rate of:

Only $100 Each!


That's An Incredible 85% Discount Off Our LOWEST Priced Individual Video Production Offer On Our Site.


Here's a screenshot from our actual pricing page.
To review our standard pricing, click here.

Price Table From Our Pricing Page

But 85% Off Is ONLY Available To Our Discount Video Production Club Members...

These videos are all hand crafted and never from a template.  The professionalism and craftsmanship of the videos inside our discount club are the SAME quality as our video productions that others purchase outside the membership.

The ONLY difference is the price.

As a member, you'll literally save a minimum of $595 on each video!  And that's NO JOKE.

We've Been Coined The "Costco" Or "Sam's Club" Of Video Production

Mainly because the membership concept is very similar.

Simply pay your membership dues and in return you get access to purchase at discount "warehouse" prices.

"Cost" is a major factor and we're happy to offer a low cost solution.


Cost isn't nearly as important as....

Experience & Quality

On any given month, we're producing up to 200 individual video productions.

After we reached 5000 videos produced, we stopped counting.

And experience matters.  It matters a lot!

I remember a time, years ago, when we would produce a custom video for, say, forty five bucks or something like that.

We were building a portfolio and paying our dues.

So, maybe you can find some videographer or freelancer out there to help at a reasonable cost but I can almost GUARANTEE that the experience level will pale in comparison to what you get inside our membership with our videos.

I know this because the videos we offered 5000 or so videos ago simply was NOT up to the same level as they are today.  How could they be?  So, if you happen to find a "video guy" willing to do it on the cheap...that video guy either doesn't have the experience or is just flat out desperate for your business to match our discount video production prices when you compare what you get:

  • Custom Crafted Motion Graphics
  • Complimentary Male or Female Professional Voiceover
  • Royalty-Free background music mastered to your video to suit the mood
  • Optional On-Screen Actors
  • No Need To Supply ANY Images - We Handle It ALL
  • White Label Option So You Can Sell As Your Own Production
  • And....5000 Plus Video Production Experience...

So, Why Exactly Are We STILL Offering "Cheap" Video Production With ALL This Experience & Clients?

Fair enough question.

Here's the answer...

Here's The REAL Reason We're Doing This...

  • 1

    Allow Us To Be Frank About Pricing...

    We're not exactly high-fiving back here in the studio about $100 videos. It's a TERRIBLE trade for our time and we wouldn't be in business long if that's all we did. There just wouldn't be any money left for advertising, to keep an in-house employee staff available, to purchase new production assets, etc...or even just to keep the doors open. It would be a quick path to bankruptcy. BUT....add 1000 members paying a monthly membership fee and that changes EVERYTHING. Think that covers salaries, advertising expense, and continued growth? You bet it does. It's what keeps us open and available to even be able to offer $100 videos.

  • 2

    More Business = More Business

    Now, let's get really transparent. The Discount Video Production Club is a "feeder program" for iMotion Video. It's not a loss leader but at a hundred bucks a video it's not a cash cow either. Thanks to the membership fees, it at least keeps us operational and available. Now...We love all our club members but something really interesting happens every 50 members or so. Seems with every 50 members we get, ONE becomes a "super client". A super client is someone happy with the membership videos but asks for something more. Something to the tune of a high 4 or 5 figure video project like an infomercial or more complex motion graphic or cartoon videos. The membership keeps us introduced to more and more clients. That leads to bigger deals, more referrals, higher paid projects, which ultimately leads to a pretty sweet business. We LOVE what we do and are more than happy to even be able extend this low cost solution to you.

  • 3

    Because One Or Two Videos Just Isn't Enough...

    Let's face the facts... At $700 a pop, we MIGHT get one or two video productions from you this year if we're lucky. But even for a healthy business, $700 adds up pretty quickly and nobody really has an unlimited budget. With the Discount Video Production Club, we get to work on a heck of a lot more videos for you. Since we're doing at least one video a month we're developing a pretty good working relationship and become a trusted partner in your business success. Chances are, when you need ANYTHING video related, we'll pretty much be the ONLY thing that comes to mind. This membership creates relationships and that's just good for business!

Video Styles And Examples Below


Where To Use A Logo Reveal

A logo reveal is one of the most versatile branding videos you can have us make.  You can use and re-purpose them in virtually every future video to brand everything you do.

Make your own in-house screen capture videos?  Use them in the beginning of your recorded PowerPoint or Keynote presentations to spruce things up and look more professional.  Simply drop the video file before or after your presentation...easy as drag and drop.

  • Intro For All Your Videos
  • Use To Introduce Your Video Podcasts
  • Introduce Membership Modules
  • Brand An Entire Video Series
  • Use At The End Of All Your Videos
  • Creative Logo Swipes For Video Transitions
  • Introduce A Special Promotion
  • Flexible - Use Anywhere

Where To Use A Voice Over Video

This is our most common video production.  You simply give us a written script and we take it from there.  We'll have it professionally voiced, make appropriate motion graphics to visually display the message and make it pretty for ya!

Beyond the obvious "sales video", here are a few other ideas for a Voice Over video:

  • Lead Generation Videos (Get Opt-Ins)
  • Traffic Generation Videos For Social Media  (Drive traffic to your Lead Gen Videos!)
  • Website Walkthru's
  • Recruitment Videos
  • Sales Page Videos (Ask For The Sale!)
  • Blog Post Videos
  • Membership Welcome Videos
  • Explainer Videos
  • Pre-Roll Video Ads

When To Use An On Screen Actor

Sometimes it just makes sense to have an announcer in your video.  For those times, you have the option to have an actor IN your video.  We film the video, chromakey the background, add motion graphics and background music and the result is very similar to the "Voice Over" videos but instead of only a voice in the background, you'll have an actor looking your visitor in the eyes.

Please Note:  There is an extra fee of $100 per minute for on-screen actor videos.

  • Physical Product Demo
  • Website Welcome Videos
  • Television Commercials (Extra Cost)
  • Tradeshow Videos
  • Special Announcement Videos
  • Face Of Your Company Videos
  • Professional Services Videos
  • ... When You Want More Engagement

Choose Your Membership Option Today

HINT:  The sign-up fee for the monthly membership is LESS than the cost of a SINGLE video production outside our membership.

So, even if you sign up today, submit a video request, and then cancel right away, you’ll still save on your production cost.   –  (But we have a feeling you'll stay once you get your first video back)

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Custom Videos May I Request Each Month? +

You may order an unlimited amount of videos at the discount price in any given month.

Your membership entitles you to ONE “complimentary” custom video submission per billing cycle for only $199/month. Additional productions may be purchased for only $100 instead of the $695 that non-members pay. Depending on when you need your other video production, you may want to wait until your next billing cycle to submit your additional video. The choice is up to you. The option of receiving multiple video productions is available to you.

Do I get revisions? +

If we make a mistake, of course we will make revisions at no charge. However, if revisions are based on creative preference (changing fonts, background colors, images, etc), we do charge for revisions. Our price model does not account for revisions unless it’s a mistake on our part. Some of our members use their “freebie” submission as a rough draft to work from. For some people, it’s easier to submit a video just to get some ideas to work from. Then, make a second submission outlining changes and additions based on what they received back from us. Change requests, however, are very infrequent.

Are The Videos Watermarked With iMotion Video? +

No, but all the videos we produce have a credit at the very end which says “Created by iMotion Video”. We realize that some of our members use us as a private label so they can resell these video productions (as their own) to their clients…so…we do have an option for you to remove our branding when submitting your video production. The fee to remove our branding is $100 per video production.

Can My Video Be Used As A Television Commercial +

Yes but there is an additional cost.  Our videos are licensed for internet or in-store/trade show use only.  If you want to use your video as a television commercial, we need to negotiate a license fee with the actor/voice actor for approval to use on air.

This is NOT a profit center for iMotion Video.  Typically, we’ll negotiate a “buy out” with the actor.  Fees generally start at $500 and go up based on audience size.  Regional and National spots cost more than local television spots.

If you provide the voice over….. there are no restrictions from iMotion Video. You may use the video on television if one of our actors is not utilized.  If, however, you use our voice or on-screen talent, an additional fee will almost always be assessed.

Can I Provide My Own Voice Over? +

Absolutely.  If you would prefer to voice your own videos, you simply upload your MP3 or WAV file along with your written script and you’ll be the star of your own video.  We’ll even edit the file to clean it up…. That means you can send us a raw recording, along with all your mistakes, and we’ll take out the do overs, breaths, and bloopers.  Just be sure to give us ONE single audio file along with the written script.  You’ll be good to go!

Also, if you have a voice talent that you like to work with, you can have them voice it and we'll use them.

There is no price reduction if you supply your own audio.

What Actor Will I Get In My Video? +

All our videos come with FREE professional voiceover.

You may select whether you want a male or a female actor.  We will use whoever we have scheduled to come into the studio that week.

During the video submission process, we have an actor selection with dozens of actors to select from.  If you want a particular actor, you will be charged $50 per minute to help cover the costs of getting another actor in for voice work.

How long can my custom video be? +

Our member pricing covers a full 15-60 second time slot (15 seconds to 1 full minute) for your commercial/presentation. Additional production minutes are billed at $100 per minute. You will be given the option of purchasing additional minutes when you submit your video request in the private member area. Our submission area measures your script as you type or copy and paste it in. You’ll never be surprised with additional minute charges….the submission form will tell you how long your video is based on your written script that you provide.


How long it takes to create my video? +

Guaranteed delivery is 14 days or less. The “typical” turn-around time is right around 7-10 days…but please allow 14 days after you submit your request.

I need my video QUICK!! Do you offer express service? +

Yes. If you have an emergency order and need your video quick, we offer a 3 business day “drop everything” service. The express service fee is $100 per video. You will be given the opportunity to select the rush service every time you submit your production request within the members area. This service is purely optional.

Are There Any Additional Costs +

A standard “voice over” or “logo reveal” video is only $100 inside the membership.  It includes up to the first 60 seconds of finished video production.

Here is a list of things that are optional but will cost more when you submit a video:

  • Additional Minutes:  $100 per minute
  • Specific Actor Selection:  $50 per minute
  • On-Screen Actor Videos:  $100 per minute
  • Rush Delivery:  $100
  • iMotion Brand Removal From End Of Video (White Label):  $100
Can I Sell These Videos To My Clients? +

Yes!  Many people do.  If you’re an agency or a local marketing consultant, feel free to have us produce videos for your end clients.  You can charge whatever you want and keep 100% of the profit!

It’s highly recommended that you select the unbranded “white label” option when ordering your video.  If you don’t your videos will be branded with “Created by iMotion Video” at the end.  You probably wouldn’t want that.

Not Interested In The Monthly Membership Club?

That's cool.  You can still....

" We Make You Look Great! "