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A recorded coaching call with a brand new client.

Every once in a while, a new client wants some clarification of how to best work with us as their video production provider.

Below is a recent coaching session I conducted (and asked permission to share). Because of the length, I've broken the video coaching session down into chunks, chapters really.

Watch the whole thing or just the topics that interest you:


Start - Client briefs us on what his objectives are
3:05 - Q&A on working with Facebook
4:41 - Writing your video script specifically for Facebook (or wherever the video will reside(
6:10 - How we make video around your content
7:30 - Question: "Where can I use your videos?"
9:20 - How to use video with Facebook
10:55 - Who hosts the video?
11:45 - What's the best way to brand myself?
13:05 - Using your OWN voice in our videos or a voiceover actor?
16:05 - How to upload images, audios, and special instructions
18:30 - What to give us to make a really good video
21:50 - I need my video FAST, how fast can I get my video produced?
24:20 - What if I need revisions?
25:50 - Copywriting your video script
30:30 - What style should my video be?
39:30 - Don't hold back your content...and why
41:00 - What if the video bombs?

Notice the left column in the video below. There are chapter markers. You can scroll through the list and click on the chapters you are interested in listening to.

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