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How To Express Ideas & Concepts Visually

We all struggle to come up with visuals for our video content from time to time.

If you're smart, you're not too worried about the "visuals" when you're INITIALLY coming up with a promotional video script. Hopefully, you're focusing on the message first.  Because if your script sucks, no amount of visual wizardry is going to magically make your video convert.

So, write your promotional scripts as if there will be NO VIDEO without worrying about how it's going to "look".  Make sure it can stand alone as a written script.  If it passes that test...THEN it's time to think about the visuals.  Unfortunately, this is where it's easy to get stumped.

In today's iMotion Video Producers Blog video we talk about a "trick" we use when we get stumped for ideas for the visuals of a promotional video.

Watch This Short Video - - It's only 6:49 (less than 7 minutes of actionable stuff)

When all else fails, if you're having a really hard time figuring out how to "show" what your script is saying, consider using geometric shapes to represent key concepts and ideas.

The brain is familiar with shapes like circles, triangles, squares, ovals....  And, people are used to associating simple shapes with concepts and ideas.  They do it every day.  For example, we all associate a round green circle in a stoplight as a signal to "go".  A thought bubble shape is universally recognized as a thought and an octagon is almost always associated with a "stop sign" even if all you see is the shape without color or words.

But we, as humans, also have a natural tendency and ability to associate a shapes with a complex concept when it's introduced and presented in an obvious way.  So, when you assign a geometric shape in a video and announce what it is as the person views it, they IMMEDIATELY associate the shape with the concept without really thinking about it.

In the example video above, we showed rectangles to represent "leads".   Notice we don't explain that rectangle represents a lead.  You, as the viewer, inherently knows this as it plays out.  Interesting concept.  Right?

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