Producers Blog Episode 03

How to fix a BAD video script
Make More Effective Videos

Look, the MOST important part of an promotional video is the script.

Hands down, the message trumps any fancy motion graphics that we can add.  Think of the "video" (the moving parts) as a supplement to your message.  If your message is weak....your video will also be weak and ineffective.

Pretty video doesn't = effective video.

In today's episode, we take you behind the scenes of a video we produced for one of our clients who submitted a "questionable" script.  We'll show you how we produced it and really made it as good as we could based on the script provided...

But we couldn't help ourselves.  We HAD to go on and talk about a BETTER way to easily write better scripts.

Grab a pen and paper.  In today's episode, I'll go over 4 easy steps to writing effective video scripts.


What did you think of today's episode?

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