Producers Blog Episode 02 2014

We're on a roll!  The second iMotion Video"Producers Blog" case study for 2014 is out!

In today's episode, we break down a promotional video  that was submitted to us by one of our Discount Video Production Club members.

Total cost for this resulted
in a $0.00 production price!

How is that?


All members of our production club get a complimentary video production each month.  They only pay (the discounted price) if they submit more than ONE video each month.  As you'll see in the case study, we put the SAME amount of time and effort into our club member videos as we do non-club member (standard price) clients.

That said, this video had several challenges associated with it.  Quite literally, the only thing that was supplied to us was a written script for a voice-over, five images (including a logo that we had to manipulate), and creative license to "do our best".  That's it.

This is the script that was provided for us to work with:

It’s 2014 and the Shopping Spree is back ... and it’s bigger than ever!. . . . . . This year’s monthly draws will each be for a $1,000.00 gift certificate redeemable for your choice of Home Furnishing, Lighting, Moulding & Millwork or Home Décor. . . . . And the prizes aren’t the only thing getting bigger at Fratta, ....check out our selection. . . . with more Indoor and outdoor lighting. . . . more living room and dining room furniture, crown moulding and decorative millwork to choose from. Simply share your Fratta Fan Sign at to enter. . . then share with your friends for additional entries. There’s a new winner every month, so visit us soon at for contest details and entry information. . . . . . "Proud to be Home"

So, have a look at our case study video above.  We show the finished production...and we break it all down on how we did it in less than 7 minutes.

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Jason Anderson

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  • mark

    Reply Reply February 17, 2014

    hey there jason,

    this was a great start in the educational process,
    you mentioned that the example video here was not necessarily
    designed as a lead gen video,

    I think what would be usefull, is if you laid out the features that a good lead capture video would include

    • Jason Anderson

      Reply Reply February 18, 2014

      Hey Mark! Thanks! Yeah, we plan on a doing a lot of these very short "case study" videos throughout the year. We'll definitely hit on that in an episode coming up soon. That's for sure.

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