We're Turning 5 Years Old This Month. Enjoy Our $5 Birthday Bash

Does A $5 Price Point Turn You Off?

Offering to produce a custom promotional video for $5...

Is dangerous.

It's such a ridiculous price, almost too low to be taken seriously.

If I didn't own iMotion Video and know that the offer was legit, I'd be skeptical too.

I'd probably think that it's a ploy and set-up for an immediate up-sell. Probably a bait and switch offer, incomplete and useless unless I "upgraded". Maybe it's a watered down version or an ineffective template. Whatever it is, it can't be a high quality custom job that I'd actually use.

That's what I'd probably think. But I'd be wrong!

It's a LEGIT $5 offer.

To celebrate our five year anniversary, we're having a birthday sale on our Discount Video Production Club.

It's a membership based discount club. You pay a small membership fee and exchange, you get super low pricing on video production.  And, as a member, your very first custom video is FREE every single month.

Here's what we're betting....

Once you become a member and get your first video for only 5 bucks, we're betting that you'll remain a member.

Why would you leave? You will finally have a reliable source to produce and test a LOT of custom videos for next to nothing. Plus, since all you have to do is provide a written script, you're leaving all the heavy lifting up to us.

Why do you need lots of videos?

Because some of your offers are going to be flops. Some videos convert better than others based on how they're produced. You could have multiple versions of the same video. One that is primarily text, one that is primarily images, one that moves faster than the other, maybe test an on-screen announcer vs a voice only video. The variations are endless and that's variations of one video script. Now, imagine changing your audio script for the video and changing styles.

That would be REALLY time consuming or REALLY expensive if you hired someone to make variations for testing the right video combo for the highest conversions.

Time and money... it's costing you more than you know.  Just think about it.  How many variations do you have for one of your videos?


One is the answer.  Rarely do people actually make multiple versions and test those versions for conversions.  It's just too much hassle or costs too much money.  So, you live with ONE version and hope for the best.

But, if you're a member of our discount club, you can have us make several versions of your video.

Videos just like these...



Plus, you need videos to drive traffic to your sites, sales videos for when they're on your site, lead generation videos to collect your leads, and you'll probably want variations of those as well.

That is exactly why you should consider our discount video production club. Get in the habit of pumping out lots of video content. At minimum, you can at least get ONE video produced each month. It's included in the membership dues.

Are you still thinking of this 5 buck offer?


Hop on over to the sales page, read all about it and get yourself signed up for 5 bucks and celebrate 5 years with iMotion Video.

IMPORTANT: Use promo code birthday5 at checkout.


For a very limited time, you can get in for $5 AND our monthly membership fee is reduced from $199/mo to only $99/mo. Enjoy 1 complimentary video production each month and only pay $100 for additional videos (if you need them). This is our biggest sale ever.

Or, you can skip the membership, continue to spend time making your own videos or trying to find competent video producers that will match our membership pricing. Yeah, right. Good luck with that.

IMPORTANT: Use promo code birthday5 at checkout.


FAQ's About the $5 Birthday Offer:

Q: How long is the offer valid?
A: Until we get 100 new members or August 31st. Whichever comes first.

Q: Do I have to join a recurring membership to get a video produced for $5?
A: Yes, but there is no obligation to stay. You can cancel anytime and owe nothing moving forward.

Q: Do I have to pay $100 for my video once I sign up for $5?
A: Nope. Remember, the 1st video submission of every month is complimentary. So, your video request will be ZERO. This is true for EVERY month you remain a member. The discounted price of $100 per video is ONLY for video requests AFTER your first request each month.

Q: I'm not ready yet. I don't have a script for my video. Can I submit my request later?
A: Yes, of course, $5 pays for your 1st month access and you can submit your video request anytime before your membership renewal.

Q: The sales page says it costs $495 to sign up and then $199/mo to continue. Will I be billed $199 every 30 days?
A: NO.... NO..... NO..... Not with our birthday sale. When you sign up for $5 today, you will only be billed $99/mo but only after 30 days from today. A full $100 off EVERY MONTH for as long as you decided to keep your membership active. You will be grandfathered in at that rate.

Q: Can I sign up for $5, get a video produced, then cancel?
A: Yes. You have no obligation to continue the membership.

Q: The order form still says it's $495 to start. How to I get in for only $5?
A: Type in promo code: birthday5 in the order form.

  • 100% Custom From Your Written Script
  • Professional Voice Over Included
  • FREE Video Each Month You Remain A Member
  • $490 OFF Our Standard Registration Fee
  • And To Top It Off, Save $100/Month On Our Monthly Membership Subscription

iMotion Video Discount Video Production Club

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