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Even though we're located in Orlando FL, iMotion Video produces hundreds of promotional videos for clients all around the globe each month. We focus on promotional videos for business.  And since most of the work we do is done through motion graphics, animation, and on-screen actor shoots, we don't need to be at your location to make a stunning promotional video for your business.

In fact, most of our video are productions for businesses all over the world including Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, France, South Africa, and a lot of other places.

If your video can be produced in English, we can help regardless of your location.

We're motion graphic artists, storytellers, and we do a bang-up job making dry business video scripts come to life... but we're not really any good at fishing or golf.  On the other hand, we can make you one helluva video about fishing or golf!

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Each month seems to get better and better, how do you do it? You come up with different images each time. And I loved the voice over, not sure who it was, but he has a great voice and just the right delivery - enthusiastic but not too much. Thanks, guys!

Patsi Krakoff Content For Coaches

I have nothing but positive things to say about Jason and his Imotion Team. They have been able to capture and produce the kind of music education video ads that exceeds my expectations. Every month I look forward to them bringing my ideas to life. Thanks

Robert Chambers Anykey Music

"We Make You Look Great!"